Dos And Don’ts To Improve Your Vision

The missed optometrist appointments, changing your lenses periodically, not having medications on time are some of the important things that we brush off. Until we are faced with the dark truth of having a surgery for our vision. Some of us sleep on with our contact lenses and some of us are careless about our spectacles. We leave it lying around in dust until we have to wear them and find the dirt and scratches on them. There many reason why you need to take care of your vision.  Vision checkups are just as important as visiting your dentist for a cavity. A cavity can be filled but you cannot protect your visions if it’s down the road to permanent blindness. Here are few important do’ and don’ts to improve your sight. 

Do regular checkups 

There are times when we know that there’s something wrong with our vision but there are also times that we won’t be able to diagnose a problem straight away. This is why as adults we have to make sure to keep an appointment with an ophthalmologist to straighten up all doubts in our mind. You may inherit a few from your parent or grandparents such as keratoconus Hong Kong that can lead to a mild and blurry vision. This is why you shouldn’t miss out on any regular checkups 

Don’t stare too long at the screens 

It maybe the computer screen, the phone, the television, whichever it is you must never stare at it for too long. This can cause your eyelids to be tired and it starts twitching. So, keep away from the screens for some time. Don’t look at your phone in the dark before you sleep and avoid using it the moment you get up in the morning. Give your eyes vitamin D by having a morning walk when the sun rises. 

Do look out for vision problems 

If you find your child sitting too close at the television, chances are that they must having a problem. If you get complains from your child that they cannot read the blackboard from their seat right behind in the class it’s time that you took them for an eye test online. The earlier you diagnose the problem, the more you can reduce further blurry vision for your child. 

Do exercise end eat the right food  

In addition to all the above, you have to take responsible of your own vision. Eating food that has vitamin C and E can help improve your eyesight. Exercises are not only for your body but also for your vision. There are so many exercises that you can do to help improve your vision. It’s simple as holding a pencil into the distance and focusing on it and bringing it closer and focusing on the tip.  

Don’t squint and read in the dark 

We all know that book lovers would find any corner in the house to read their book. But you must remember to have ample of light when reading your book. Don’t squint your eyes trying to read small words. This can cause a lot of stress and tension in the blood vessels of your eyes. 

Remember not to stress your vision too much. If your eyes start to get tired take a break, your work can wait but your vision won’t last for long. Blink more often and try to focus and defocus on objects far away and nearby. Take of your eyes as you need them as much they need you.